Sunday, September 30, 2007

P2P Web

What if you could just host your site from your laptop?
You just have to register your name and thats it. You don't have to buy any server space or public IP.
You got the difference between current web and this idea?

The basic thing you will need is:
1. An Apache Kind of server
2. A P2P plugin to Apache
3. A P2P plugin to firefox

a single application combining all three.

What are the benefits?
1. Dont have to buy a server space or Public IP
Since the content will be served directly from your drive, you dont have to run around buying a server space and uploading the content.

2. If you have to share the files with nearby friends (in your office, school), it will be faster because it will be using the Peer-to-Peer network.

3. The supply increases with demand.
Since every person who is downloading a file becomes supplier of the file, any file which is in demand will be faster as opposite to the current system where most of the companies will fail to handle the load.

4. Copyright crap will not bother
Since no one knows the actual identity of a person, no one can sue you just for sharing some lovely song with your friend.

If you havent looked at eMule, have a look.

She first downloads a plugin for her browser. Now, opens up a website called "p2p://poople/". It opens up the home page (it might be a list of files) of poople. Now, she clicks on a links and it starts downloading it from all the sources available. The similar sources are decided based on the hash (signature) of the file.
Now, this file which she is downloading (or downloaded) can also be served to other people.
Thats it!

1. Firefox might not suport p2p so, we might have to write a separate browser having the same rendering engine as firefox so that the whole presentation can be done using same technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
2. The firewall might be a big problem.
This can be handles using the same mechanism as skype is handling.

Your comments are welcome!

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wollywood (cont.)

This is in continuation with my earlier idea: Wollywood

Well, I was just realizing that what is the benefit in posting the video on youtube?
Nothing. It is just fun sharing things with your friends or becoming popular.

So, here is one revenue model for video showcasing.

The idea is to create a kind of video blog. Everyone will be given a URL where they can post their videos. They can customize the page and add adsense or video ads.

Let me digress to explain video ads. These will not be text-based ads which google currently has. These will be video ads which will continuously be played and user can not stop them.

Now the main part.

While posting a video, user can specify for how long an ad can be shown and at which location should it be shown.

Now, our system will play the video as well as the video ad somwhere in middle of the video. The revenue earned will be shared with the user.

The more popular the video get, the higher the bid for the video-ad goes.

The questions that come into play:
What if a user forwards the ad?
There can be two solutions:
a) Dont charge the ad agency if viewer skips the ad.
b) Dont let the user skip the ad.

Hope the idea sounds interesting. It is similar to adsense just in the video-reference frame.

Mimic Me

I had been thinking about this tool for a while and have done 1/4th
of job.
Name: "Mimic Me",
A tool which will detect repeated input (keyboard + mouse)

In real world most of the work is data manipulation.
Think of the situation where you have to copy certain cells
from table in one application to another application.
You start doing it manually. You repeat typing certain
keys. Now my application which was running in
background pops up a dialog saying "The following
sequence is being repeated: . Do you
want to repeat it number of times?" and once user
clicks okay. it will repeat that key in that sequence
times on behalf of user.
Its like a personal servent which keeps on learning the tasks you are
doing and takes it over.

Job Done So Far:
I have written a small application which works in conjunction with a
keyboard logger. While logger keeps on logging key strokes into a
file, my application keeps on reading the changes and finding the
repeated sequence of characters and prompts the user.
But it cant simulate keyboard.

Target Clients:
Every Computer User specially those who frequently does data

Possible Hurdles:
Technical Background


Seeing the success of Audibles in Yahoo messenger I am convinced that
any thing that touches the general public's entertainment will be
So, I was thinking of a small application with which we can send out
the message with emotions.
This message will be read (like read please) by client in the voice
corresponding to attached emotion.
If you have seen Harry potter, there is letter which dictates itself
expression proper emotion. This application will be similar to that one.

User types a message and selects the text and mark it with
corresponding emotion.
I am left alone in this world.

Now, when reciepient recieves the message, the IM starts reading it in
a sad voice.

I guess this will buzz.

What do you say?

Hims, How should we go about it?
There are few possibilities:
1. We can sell this idea to Yahoo.
2. we write a small plug-in for Y! messenger.
3. We write a Yahoo messenger like client or a client that can connect
to yahoo services (like trillian. But I guess Yahoo stopped supporting
3rd patry messengers)
4. We write an email client
What do you say?

Form Collector

Although is no new idea but it is still quite useful.
The idea is to provide a website which can host the form submission
Most of small sized cutomers have static web sites but no programming
part. but every want a Contact Us or Request Quotation page.
And these guys cant afford to have a web application hosted.

So, here is my idea.
We created a FormCollector portel where user has to signup first.
User is presented with these options:
1. Create a form
Here user can specify the label and the input type and constraints.
For example:
Label: Name
Input Type: TextBox
Initial Value:
Constraint: Only Alpahbets

Label: Country
Input Type: Combo Box; India, US...
Initial Value:
Constrains: Alpha Numeric

After finishing this, user should be prompted to choose the mechanism
for reception of data: Email/Store.

Once this done, the application should generate the HTML code which
user can copy-paste into the HTML form.

3. View the Data recieved.
User should be presented with the table containing the data received
for a form.
It should be possible to export this data into various formats like
Excel/XML etc.

Does that sound sensible?

P2P Search Engine

Currently, the search engine for p2p network search only in the file name.
There is no search engine which searches (or indexes) the content
inside the files.

What do you say?


Trust me its not yet another idea.
When we go to a shopping mall we want see how we look.
So we put on clothes and check in the mirror.
Now we put on another clothes and again we check in the mirror.
Now we want to compare with the previous clothes.
We dont have any option.
So, what we use to do is we used to take a snap of ourself in all
clothes we like.
Then we compare the photos and pick the clothes that look best.

From there I came to the idea if we have a photo booth kind of cabin
in every Shopping Mall where user can take their pics and compare
later on.
They also can take a copy in floppy.

The PhotoBooth is a place where a user stands infront of an LCD screen
and LCD displays his/her images.
The images of his/her back and sides will also be displayed and are
The setup includes: A cabin, LCD, 3 (or 4) webcams, A Computer, Snap
switch and a flash light.

Why PhotoBooth:
1. User has choice to compare between various clothes altogather
2. User has side view as well as view of his/her back too
3. User can take the picture home

To Do:
1. Interface webcams to the computer.
2. Write a software that will show all the views in one screen and can
work with multiple users, Allows user to save the images in
floppy/flash drive and can send as an email.

Please let me know your views.
Also tell me which responsibility you will like to take?
Please come up with the technical details about which language should
be used for what.


Hi Friends,
I am back with a new idea.
There are many people who have talent (Acting, Singing, dancing etc)
but never get the recognition. So, the idea is to make an online movie
industry where people can upload their videos/audios and watch others.

There would be a group of people who will audit the files before
making them accessible to all and based on their popularity we will be
giving them places on our front page.
The other things like movie of the week, actor of the week will

What do you think about it?
Suggest a name for it.

Sandeep Giri

Legal Documents

Now a days the forgery of document has become quite simple.
Just scan the document and edit it in adobe and get it printed.
Although the only dificult part is getting it printed because of
government restriction of licence but that too is circumvented quite
Recently there has been news of degree forgeries and all.

The instant reaction is to have a website that hosts the degrees and
allows you to search based on some id but it is quite infeasible solution.

So, I would suggest giving a cd containing a softcopy(May be a word
doc or an image) along with its signature.

A signature is created by encrypting the hash of degree with the
private key of organization.

To design such a system, we would need three things:
1. A server that distributes the public key of an organization to the
world. Registers an organization and creates public-private key

2. A tool to create signature of a document. It securely loads the
private key, creates a hash of file and then encrypts this with the
private key and saves this signature in a separate file.

3. Signature verifier
It retrieves the public key of the organization (by whom the document
is claimed to have been signed) and decrypts the signature with it.
Now it compares the decrypted text with the has of the document in
question. If the document is not tempered, the hashes should be same.
Otherwise, the document has been tempered.

So, it reduced the effort of an organization to keep their server
online and store all the degrees. They just have to remember their
private key.

How does it sound?
HimS, it may be helpful for IntelliWorks but dont let it leak.
Niket, kahan hai bhai?
No traces?

I am going to post couple of my ideas that might work and I can design
these systems but dont know when.



The web browser is now becoming an OS.

There should be a shell for for it.
Imagine having a textbox at the bottom of firefox with a blinking
cursor next to '$' where user can type commands.
It should have all the functionalities like variables, environment
variables, loops, pipes, redirection along with commands.

It should at least support following commands:
1. echo $content
Displays the content in text format.

2. echo $url
shows url or current page.

3. lslinks
lists all the links in the page

4. open N
N = 0, if you want to open the page in current window
N = 1, window
N = 2, tab

5. pwd
whould display the current location. For example

6. cd
without an argument should take you to home page.
with "..", it should take you to one upper level
if pwd is "", then "cd xyz" should take you to

It should also support: grep,sed,awk etc.

What do you say?
Am I running a high fever?


Creating a trading simulater

a. A simulator which run an algorithm on real time data and tells how
much benefit it could make?
b. Allows generic algorithms plugin

I wrote these as notes to myself.
Now, I am posting them here.


Creating a trading environment like Terrarium

a. User can register/logon
b. An initial amount is credited to the user's account
c. User can manually or automatically trade
d. Provides bool buy(company, shares)
e. Provides bool auction(company, shares, minAmount, closing span)
f. Admin can add an organization and create number of shares with
amount per share.

Web based DB

was thinking of for past couple of months.

In todays world of Ajax, people have started to keep as less code as possible on server side. Most of the stuff is done using Javascript. Essentially, servlets are just becoming data suppliers to the browsers.
So, the idea is to create a web based database, where any one can sign up and create the database. Afterwards, she can share with Anonymous users, add users/ roles, give permissions, Administer users etc. She will be the owner of this newly created database.
If it is must to have some logic (for example permission rules - if a person has marked a flag 'x', dont show the data, for example ) it should be done using javascript on server side too.

Now, she can just write javascript to query server. Based on the users' roles, the data will be served.

Q: Why this could become successful?
1. People don't have to worry about creating server side applications(Servlets and all that crap.)
2. Since these days, people are more acquainted with Javascript than Java or any other server side programming language, it will be more useful. Imagine, bloggers keeping their stuff inside a database or College displaying current faculty members using this database.

Q: What about security?
A: Everyone will be guest unless she logs in. We need to take care of lot of issue like binding the database to the referenced website even though binding is not fail proof.

The sad side of story is: When I was just about to send this message, I thought of searching it on google and I found this:

Double Entry System for everyone

This is what I posted on Geekheads. Linking here too:

Bitch about company or person

a. Provides registration/login of user
b. User can add a company, person
c. Company and persons can have related companies and persons.
d. User can have related persons and companies based on what she
bitched about.
e. User can create companies and persons and bitch about them
f. User can add "alert me" on companies and persons.

Hello World!

hey All,
I will be farting out my ideas here.
Keep you nose-eyes closed:))