Friday, September 28, 2007


Seeing the success of Audibles in Yahoo messenger I am convinced that
any thing that touches the general public's entertainment will be
So, I was thinking of a small application with which we can send out
the message with emotions.
This message will be read (like read please) by client in the voice
corresponding to attached emotion.
If you have seen Harry potter, there is letter which dictates itself
expression proper emotion. This application will be similar to that one.

User types a message and selects the text and mark it with
corresponding emotion.
I am left alone in this world.

Now, when reciepient recieves the message, the IM starts reading it in
a sad voice.

I guess this will buzz.

What do you say?

Hims, How should we go about it?
There are few possibilities:
1. We can sell this idea to Yahoo.
2. we write a small plug-in for Y! messenger.
3. We write a Yahoo messenger like client or a client that can connect
to yahoo services (like trillian. But I guess Yahoo stopped supporting
3rd patry messengers)
4. We write an email client
What do you say?

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