Friday, September 28, 2007


Trust me its not yet another idea.
When we go to a shopping mall we want see how we look.
So we put on clothes and check in the mirror.
Now we put on another clothes and again we check in the mirror.
Now we want to compare with the previous clothes.
We dont have any option.
So, what we use to do is we used to take a snap of ourself in all
clothes we like.
Then we compare the photos and pick the clothes that look best.

From there I came to the idea if we have a photo booth kind of cabin
in every Shopping Mall where user can take their pics and compare
later on.
They also can take a copy in floppy.

The PhotoBooth is a place where a user stands infront of an LCD screen
and LCD displays his/her images.
The images of his/her back and sides will also be displayed and are
The setup includes: A cabin, LCD, 3 (or 4) webcams, A Computer, Snap
switch and a flash light.

Why PhotoBooth:
1. User has choice to compare between various clothes altogather
2. User has side view as well as view of his/her back too
3. User can take the picture home

To Do:
1. Interface webcams to the computer.
2. Write a software that will show all the views in one screen and can
work with multiple users, Allows user to save the images in
floppy/flash drive and can send as an email.

Please let me know your views.
Also tell me which responsibility you will like to take?
Please come up with the technical details about which language should
be used for what.

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