Friday, September 28, 2007

Form Collector

Although is no new idea but it is still quite useful.
The idea is to provide a website which can host the form submission
Most of small sized cutomers have static web sites but no programming
part. but every want a Contact Us or Request Quotation page.
And these guys cant afford to have a web application hosted.

So, here is my idea.
We created a FormCollector portel where user has to signup first.
User is presented with these options:
1. Create a form
Here user can specify the label and the input type and constraints.
For example:
Label: Name
Input Type: TextBox
Initial Value:
Constraint: Only Alpahbets

Label: Country
Input Type: Combo Box; India, US...
Initial Value:
Constrains: Alpha Numeric

After finishing this, user should be prompted to choose the mechanism
for reception of data: Email/Store.

Once this done, the application should generate the HTML code which
user can copy-paste into the HTML form.

3. View the Data recieved.
User should be presented with the table containing the data received
for a form.
It should be possible to export this data into various formats like
Excel/XML etc.

Does that sound sensible?

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