Friday, September 28, 2007

Web based DB

was thinking of for past couple of months.

In todays world of Ajax, people have started to keep as less code as possible on server side. Most of the stuff is done using Javascript. Essentially, servlets are just becoming data suppliers to the browsers.
So, the idea is to create a web based database, where any one can sign up and create the database. Afterwards, she can share with Anonymous users, add users/ roles, give permissions, Administer users etc. She will be the owner of this newly created database.
If it is must to have some logic (for example permission rules - if a person has marked a flag 'x', dont show the data, for example ) it should be done using javascript on server side too.

Now, she can just write javascript to query server. Based on the users' roles, the data will be served.

Q: Why this could become successful?
1. People don't have to worry about creating server side applications(Servlets and all that crap.)
2. Since these days, people are more acquainted with Javascript than Java or any other server side programming language, it will be more useful. Imagine, bloggers keeping their stuff inside a database or College displaying current faculty members using this database.

Q: What about security?
A: Everyone will be guest unless she logs in. We need to take care of lot of issue like binding the database to the referenced website even though binding is not fail proof.

The sad side of story is: When I was just about to send this message, I thought of searching it on google and I found this:

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