Friday, September 28, 2007

Legal Documents

Now a days the forgery of document has become quite simple.
Just scan the document and edit it in adobe and get it printed.
Although the only dificult part is getting it printed because of
government restriction of licence but that too is circumvented quite
Recently there has been news of degree forgeries and all.

The instant reaction is to have a website that hosts the degrees and
allows you to search based on some id but it is quite infeasible solution.

So, I would suggest giving a cd containing a softcopy(May be a word
doc or an image) along with its signature.

A signature is created by encrypting the hash of degree with the
private key of organization.

To design such a system, we would need three things:
1. A server that distributes the public key of an organization to the
world. Registers an organization and creates public-private key

2. A tool to create signature of a document. It securely loads the
private key, creates a hash of file and then encrypts this with the
private key and saves this signature in a separate file.

3. Signature verifier
It retrieves the public key of the organization (by whom the document
is claimed to have been signed) and decrypts the signature with it.
Now it compares the decrypted text with the has of the document in
question. If the document is not tempered, the hashes should be same.
Otherwise, the document has been tempered.

So, it reduced the effort of an organization to keep their server
online and store all the degrees. They just have to remember their
private key.

How does it sound?
HimS, it may be helpful for IntelliWorks but dont let it leak.
Niket, kahan hai bhai?
No traces?

I am going to post couple of my ideas that might work and I can design
these systems but dont know when.


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