Friday, September 28, 2007


The web browser is now becoming an OS.

There should be a shell for for it.
Imagine having a textbox at the bottom of firefox with a blinking
cursor next to '$' where user can type commands.
It should have all the functionalities like variables, environment
variables, loops, pipes, redirection along with commands.

It should at least support following commands:
1. echo $content
Displays the content in text format.

2. echo $url
shows url or current page.

3. lslinks
lists all the links in the page

4. open N
N = 0, if you want to open the page in current window
N = 1, window
N = 2, tab

5. pwd
whould display the current location. For example

6. cd
without an argument should take you to home page.
with "..", it should take you to one upper level
if pwd is "", then "cd xyz" should take you to

It should also support: grep,sed,awk etc.

What do you say?
Am I running a high fever?


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