Friday, September 28, 2007

Wollywood (cont.)

This is in continuation with my earlier idea: Wollywood

Well, I was just realizing that what is the benefit in posting the video on youtube?
Nothing. It is just fun sharing things with your friends or becoming popular.

So, here is one revenue model for video showcasing.

The idea is to create a kind of video blog. Everyone will be given a URL where they can post their videos. They can customize the page and add adsense or video ads.

Let me digress to explain video ads. These will not be text-based ads which google currently has. These will be video ads which will continuously be played and user can not stop them.

Now the main part.

While posting a video, user can specify for how long an ad can be shown and at which location should it be shown.

Now, our system will play the video as well as the video ad somwhere in middle of the video. The revenue earned will be shared with the user.

The more popular the video get, the higher the bid for the video-ad goes.

The questions that come into play:
What if a user forwards the ad?
There can be two solutions:
a) Dont charge the ad agency if viewer skips the ad.
b) Dont let the user skip the ad.

Hope the idea sounds interesting. It is similar to adsense just in the video-reference frame.

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