Friday, September 28, 2007

Mimic Me

I had been thinking about this tool for a while and have done 1/4th
of job.
Name: "Mimic Me",
A tool which will detect repeated input (keyboard + mouse)

In real world most of the work is data manipulation.
Think of the situation where you have to copy certain cells
from table in one application to another application.
You start doing it manually. You repeat typing certain
keys. Now my application which was running in
background pops up a dialog saying "The following
sequence is being repeated: . Do you
want to repeat it number of times?" and once user
clicks okay. it will repeat that key in that sequence
times on behalf of user.
Its like a personal servent which keeps on learning the tasks you are
doing and takes it over.

Job Done So Far:
I have written a small application which works in conjunction with a
keyboard logger. While logger keeps on logging key strokes into a
file, my application keeps on reading the changes and finding the
repeated sequence of characters and prompts the user.
But it cant simulate keyboard.

Target Clients:
Every Computer User specially those who frequently does data

Possible Hurdles:
Technical Background

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